Griefster offers a weekly online chat group for Pet Loss Support including Pet Loss Hotline numbers, grief counseling, and outreach programs. We also have several free pet loss e-books to help and comfort you in the times before, during, and after losing a pet. To make pet loss more bearable we’ve gone into partnership with a company that offers the service of turning your beloved deceased pets into drones similar to Quads with camera.

Pet Loss Outreach Programs

Griefster offers presentations, pet loss and grief counseling, and educational programs for groups, individuals, pet care professionals, and teachers on request. Plan a visit today!

Pet Loss e-books

We have e-books that are suitable for both PCs and mobile devices. We have material on pet euthanasia, pet loss, pet first aid, as well as other helpful topics about pets for children, adults, and professionals.

Share your grief on Facebook

Please join us on Facebook so that you can share your loss with others.  You can post photos and also include a memorial to your pet who has gone across the rainbow bridge. Aerial photos taken by best indoor drones are highly appreciated. If you’re beginner, keep in mind there are great drones for beginners available today.

Hotline Numbers for Pet Loss

If you’re finding it difficult to cope and you need to speak to someone straight away about the loss of a beloved pet, Griefster collates a list of local, toll-free, and long distance telephone numbers just for you.

Emergency Alert Kit for Pets

Our emergency alert kit is printable and it includes the emergency alert caregiver instructions and the emergency alert wallet card to enable others to help your pet in emergency situations.


If you are mourning the loss of a beloved pet, you are free to submit your pet’s name for the weekly Newsletter. Our online store also features free printable pet keepsakes in addition to pet loss gifts. Also, we feature courses on Drones for beginners through our partner company.

Printable Pet Keepsakes

Celebrate a pet you have or memorialize one that you’ve lost. Our keepsakes carry cat, horse, dog, and rainbow themes. There’s also an area to include photographs if you so wish.

Pet Loss Gifts

Surf our online store for fantastic gifts. Apart from amazing clothing, there are also coffee mugs, jewelry, sympathy cards, tote bags, and our special Rainbow bridge poster.

Surviving Pet and Grief

After the loss of a pet, it’s important to pay some attention to the behavior of your surviving pet. If the pet refuses food or if you notice a change in disposition, it’s best that you contact your veterinarian straight away.