The Beginning

The aim behind Griefster is to serve as a personal tribute to Lucky, who is a beloved English Setter and it was founded in the fall of 1998. He was diagnosed with lymphosarcoma in February of 1998 before he died on June 28 prompting the creation of the website to help pet owners that are grieving.

At Griefster, we are of the belief that pets are a very important and engaging part of the family whose loss normally lead to the same grieving process in a way that is similar to losing anyone close to us. We are aware of the feelings that accompany the death of a pet and that they are real leading to the notion that they deserve the same amount of respect just as if were any other family member. The objective is to enhance this reasoning to the general public as well as to support the increment in the reverence and respect that is accrued to the engaging topic of pet loss. With the aid of support, education and information, Griefster helps the public when it comes to the understanding of the grief that accompanies the loss of a dearly loved pet as this is a thorough example of how real the human-animal bond can be.

How We Help

Griefster helps with the provision of an online support group, hotline numbers, publications on pet loss, as well as referrals to those in need of assistance so as to cope with the grief that comes with the death of a pet. On the local scene, Griefster also helps with education presentations on the engaging topic of pet loss to pet caregivers, rescue and shelter workers as well as pet care professionals. Area shelters, rescue groups, and veterinarians also get support and information concerning compassion fatigue, which is the stress that is as a result of the care for in addition to helping animals that are traumatized on a daily basis.

About our Founder

Griefster was created by the Lucky’s caregiver, Marian Smith. Ms. Smith was Lucky’s caregiver for a period of ten years and she presently resides in the Metro Louisville in Kentucky area with Hazet, her Basenji mix and Jeremy, her Bluetick Coon Hound. Ms. Smith is an expert when it comes to dog care as well as showing and training dogs on certain things. She also worked as an animal control warden and she was able to come up with the implementation of a Responsible Dog Ownership Basic Training Program. Ms. Smith has also been able to work as a veterinary technician where she was able to help when it comes to the care and treatment of sick pets.