This unique section of Griefster deals with assisting the kids as far as their emotional state about pet loss is concerned in addition to the provision of activities that will assist them in learning more about their animal friends. In this section, kids are able to locate several eBooks and a Pet Loss Journal that deals with pet loss and grief. Parents will also discover numerous ways to help their child and it is advisable they do these activities together with them for the purpose of achieving the desired result effectively and efficiently. There are games, pet crafts, and puzzles for kids, who are interested in them as well as our very special Rainbow Bridge Video, several videos that deal with how to treat animals with kindness are also available.

E-Books for Kids

Griefster has ebooks, free pet loss workbooks, My Awesome Pet Journal and coloring pages at your service so as to assist you in understanding as well as sharing the feelings that are bottled inside of you whenever a pet dies.

Critter Crafts

If you are an artist it is a bonus but you don’t have to be one to make our Critter Crafts. Every month we teach you on how to make a very cool craft for yourself and/or your pet. All you have to do is print the instructions and make it!

Jig-Paw Puzzle

You are probably interested in puzzles. Griefster will always give you a new animal puzzle for you to solve on a weekly basis. When you constantly engage in this, you’ll be able to learn something tangible about the animal such as its appearance, diet, and habitat.

Pet and Animal Videos

There are numerous cool videos that talk about pet care and safety and they will be of great assistance to you in the quest to be a real friend of animals. In addition, make sure that you check on our very special Rainbow Bridge video!

Dog Brains Trivia

For you to be sure of your status as a brainiac, try our Dog Brains Trivia. There will always be a fun new quiz about animals. Feel free to put your dog brains to test.

Hey, kids! Whenever you’re feeling down concerning a pet that died ensure that you look for someone to talk to. Ask a good listener like your teacher, friend or even your parent. Avoid the act of keeping your feelings bottled up inside of you. Be rest assured that you’ll feel a lot better once you let those feelings out.